Petrokala Pasargad Company Kish has been registered in Kish Island in 2010 with number 8331. The Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC), a subsidiary of the E & P Company, has been a member of the Holding Company, which has been nominated by the Ministry of Oil. At first, it has relied on internationally recognized internal and external specialists and internationally recognized partners in the field of drilling equipment Providing technical services and technical services for drilling equipment With the establishment of a workshop equipped with technical repairs and inspections on the island of Kish and Ahvaz with participation and as a sole agent, TIANHE has become one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of mining equipment and drilling in China. Made All equipment and components of this company are in accordance with internationally recognized standards such as: API, NS-1, CPAC, NAC, and manufactured and supplied to customers. The number of these products is over 120 kinds. PEKA Company, in addition to its partnership with TIANHE, has entered into negotiations with other European companies and purchased parts and equipment from them and brought it to customers. The company also provides facilities, equipment and manpower specialist in order to repair, inspect and approve in-well equipment and is ready to provide this service to customers. Petrokala Pasargad Kish is in the seventh year of its existence that can be considered as one of the non-governmental companies in the field of supplying drilling equipment, supplying the services and technical services required by the oil industry, which utilizes valuable experience. And its employees precious and with the cooperation and participation of reputable domestic and foreign companies, has tried all its efforts to comply with international standards and to use the knowledge and technology of the world and provide the desired services, while satisfying the employers, in the implementation of the project The nationality also has a small share of it. In addition to having an operating yard equipped with drilling and residual items and machines in Ahvaz (to provide services to other drilling companies in the south of the country), Petrocarma also has a workshop in Kish Island with a ground area of 7500 square meters and an underground 2,700 meters machine equipped with a machine. Equipment for repair and testing, as well as all-automatic turning machines. Among the goals and capabilities of this company are the following: