Petro Kala Pasargad Kish (PEKA), was founded and registered in Kish Island (Reg. No. 8331 on 1389/09/01). As a subsidiary of Tejarat Pasargad Company, it relies on professional domestic and foreign human resources. With reputable commercial partners from the West and the East, it has been providing onshore and offshore drilling equipment services and a workshop located in Kish Island, for inspection, maintenance and repair purposes. This advance workshop facility is a result of partnering up with TIANHE Oil Group which is one of the largest and most reputable Fishing and Drilling Equipment & Tools manufacturers in China. The following goals are the prospects for our company: The urgency to take above measures is the rapid growth of Gas & Oil projects in The Kish “Free zone” and the Middle East in general. The workshop is equipped with the most advance machinery that is non contaminating and complies with all Environmental Protection regulations and laws.

Fishing ,Drilling Jar and Drilling String Tools Sales -

Fishing ,Drilling Jar and Drilling String Tools Rentals

Fishing ,Drilling Jar and Drilling String Tools Inspection & Repair-

Drilling Equipment Inspection & Testing-

-Fishing and Drilling String Tools Spare Parts Procurement & Post Sales Services

Repair of Hole opener, Reamer and other drilling equipment.


Washing and rusting tubes and drilling parts by means of steam blast