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The aim of the safety, health and environment plan, now called the HSEQ program, is to describe and describe all activities affecting safety, health and the environment in order to prevent the occurrence of fatal accidents - financial losses - occupational diseases for contractors Subsidiary and all stakeholders and environmental damage and improve the performance of the HSEQ in the project. This project is the basis for the safety, health and environment management system in  Petrokala Pasargad Kish Company.

The policy of Petrokala Pasargad Kish is to perform drilling services and services, taking into account all safety issues and respecting the health of the employees, as well as minimizing the environmental impact during the work. The company's implementation programs (HSEQ) in the projects are:

  1- Provide health and safety instructions appropriate to the type of activity and coordinate all activities during the service and services with these guidelines.

Identify work hazards and effort and planning to eliminate or minimize these risks.

3. Identification of all environmental aspects of the company's activities and efforts to minimize environmental impacts on the services and services of drilling items.

4- Training of personnel in the field of occupational safety and observance of safety and health and environmental issues during work.

5. Controlling working environments and creating a safe and healthy environment free from any risks and contaminations.

6. Provide and provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for all personnel and follow up on the timely and optimal use of these devices.

7. Conduct periodic and continuous visits to the workplaces, equipment, personnel and control of them in terms of safety and to report the deficiencies and deficiencies (Action Point) by determining the timing of its removal and its responsible executive.

8. Performing the maintenance schedule of the equipment and timely fixing the technical defects and safety of the equipment, especially those that could cause hazards for the personnel.

9. Immunization and control of all existing equipment and machinery in accordance with safety standards.

10. Training personnel in the field of first aid as well as the provision and provision of first aid equipment and its availability in working and work environments.

11. Report all accidents, accidents, pseudo-events in writing in less than 24 hours after the occurrence to high level managers of the company.

12. Control of subcontractors in terms of observance of the principles of safety and protection of work as well as the protection of the environment and natural resources.

In terms of organization chart, Petrokala Pasargad Kish Unit (HSEQ) is under the direct supervision of the Managing Director and in the Yard Kish section, it is directly under the supervision of the Managing Director and Technical and Operations Manager and the supervisor of the workshop, and directly to all executive departments, Technical, financial, and administrative and machinery, and is also subject to HSEQ control issues.

Jahanbakhsh Noghaneh Abbaspour

Managing Direct