PEKA's  headquarter  office  and  workshop is located in Kish Island's Industrial 

Zone 3, No. 82. It consists of a 7,500 sqm. lot with 2,700 sqm. office, workshop

and physical & chemical laboratory space. It also includes a showroom for

.displaying of down hole tools, components and spare parts 

Our workshop is equipped with tools and  machinery (including CNC Machine) to 

test, repair and maintain down hole equipment. The workshop will evolve to even 

.completer facility in the future phases of upgrades

1- Repairing all API thread belong to Drilling parts such as:

- Drill collar

- Drill pipe

- Heavy weight drill pipe


- Down hole Motors and jars part

- Special connection 

- Changing connection ,changing Head , Designing  ,Making Manufacture  For All Tool Joint  

2- Repairing Drilling stabilizers:

- Resize and grinding

- Hard facing

- Repair threads

3- Repair and service all type of down hole jars and mud motors:

- Disassemble and service

- Prepare seal kits

- Supply and manufacture spare parts

4- Hard banding for Drill pipes.

5- Repairing Shop equipment such as Break out unit and jar tester

6- Repairing and service all oil field diesel engine.

7- Repair, Service and troubleshooting of Wile line and slick line of shore units.

8- Supply wire line Pressure equipment (PCE) spare parts

9- Service and repair Wire line Pressure control equipment (PCE), and test it.